Build associations in a microflow

Hi Mendix community, I suppose I have a really basic Mendix question. Unfortunatelly, I have not found an answer to this question via googling and other academic ressources. My plane is to build a form in which the user can build a new entry which consists of two associated entities at the domain model. Suppose my domain model consists of “user” which is associated to a “departement” User(m) : department(1) In the first place i would like to call the form with a microflow. Within the microflow I create 2 new objects. These objects i would like to associate. In my google research I found out that probably I have to use the “change object” activity. Correct me if I am wrong? Now I have to fill the change object activity with the associations. But how is the syntax? What commands do I have to use?    Best Regards Sai
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Hi Sai, 

in general, the owner of the association is referring to another object, ie. in your case you have to add the reference to the department. You accomplish this by performing a change action on the user, select the respective association and add the department. If you do not have the department available in your microflow, you have to retrieve if first from database or via association. Best have a look at some learning paths at, which give you more insights on how to develop apps with mendix


I solved my problem. my bad.. The research was frustrating, because the answer is too simple.

Just choose the association in the “change object” activity and then just put the object in,which you want to associate.

No equations, or special syntax..