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Hello Community, I’m trying to send http request to a flow in power automate through a microflow from Mendix. The flow in P. Automate is connected to a Sharepoint list. I need to show in my Mendix App the items I have in that list… I’ve been testing the flow using Postman.  (What I need to do is exactly what I do in postman, but from Mendix)…I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…. I’ll be super grateful if you can help me! Some Screenshots below. Flow in P. Automate.   Sp List MENDIX Json structure Call Rest Import_mapping (POSTMAN)
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The rest call you make is receiving a single object Var_QandA. This single object seems to get passed correctly to your microflow, but you get an error because you defined the end-event of that microflow to expect a “List of object Var_QandA”.:

If you change the dropdown from ‘List’ to ‘Object’ you will probably have solved the error.



your importmapping has no option to make it a list. See this example so you know what you’r missing:

Open your import mapping. And once there, you can click at the top left ‘Select elements’:


The most easy way: take the value of the response from the debugger, create a new JSON-object in your project and feed that value to that JSON. Open your existing importmapping, and at select elements assign this new JSON. The click Map automatically. That should give you the correct importmapping that, when you select it in your microflow-activity ‘Import from JSON’ would give you the option for list. Sorry for the long answer. Had no time to write a short one.