Performance problem when one microflow is running multiple times with separate data

Hi Team, I have seen strange issue in the application. There is a microflow running by user which does some calculation on set of data and update back to the database. I am using async action to commit one of the table so that someone else can not retrigger it for the same set of data. Similarly user or multiple user can run the same process at the same time. Also set of data has uniqueness. This was working till the date. But now it gives strange issue. When one set of data calculation is running , it takes as usual time. Even with 2 sets of data it runs smooth simultaneously. But when user starts 3 or 4 at the same time,  it takes more than usual time and all finished approximately at them same time even though set of data is not equal. We have checked memory, DB query time and other parameters which looks good. My question is, Is there any kind of lock Mendix does on the whole table when it updates back. Or did you face the similar issue earlier? Regards Abhinay 
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Are you having any uniqueness validations in your domain model? If so, Mendix does create a log if you change such an attribute and commit the object. Other processes that do the same are then waiting for the first process to complete.

I did write something about the benefits of this. Maybe that’s interesting for you: