Date Comparison

Hello, I need to compare two dates in a microflow. I need to compare only the date not the time Now i´m using a “retrieve” of a list and then i´m using an “operation list” with find to search if this date already exist but never find any because the time is always different. How can i compare the dates without the time in a microflow? Thanks.
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Have a look at the trimToDays(UTC) function. It will remove the time part of a DateTime, setting it to 00:00:00. Apply this over all your dates and it will be easy to compare.

If you need to run this microflow frequently, it may be worth creating an extra field in your entity to store the trimmed date to save having to calculate it each time.

Good luck!


Hello, I finally use the xpath constraint to compare the list that i retrieve from the entity with a parameter that i call from the MicroFlow, now i have the list filtered when i take it.

Thanks Robert.