Error Code CE0529

Hi Community First some background: I’m trying to create a single column chart which shows data from 2 different enteties, one is Model number and the second is Model amount. To do this I thought of creating a new entity which combines the two enteties, as a copy, into one. This is where the error comes in place: Of course I’ve tried to create a microflow as was shown on the mendix docs page. regarding the error message. However even after creating I still receive the same error message. What next steps could I take in order to resolve the issue I’m facing? Kind regards, Mathieu
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What you have done now: a microflow that creates the object and then opens the Homepage.

What instead you need to do: have the microflow create the object and return that object in the end event. And on the homepage change the datasource of the datagrid and assign this microflow to that datasource.