Data not shown before refreshing the browser

Hi, On a page I have a dropdownfield and several text boxes which show associated data depending on the dropdown selection a user selects. In a previous step and before entering the page, this data for the text fields are generated. For some reason the associated text fields remains empty when I select a newly created object in the dropdownfield although the data and association are set up correctly (I can view it in a entity overview list). After a “hard” browser refresh (F5), I can see the data correctly in the text-boxes for all time. Only when I just created the new object in the previous step an go on this selection page and select it in the dropdown field, I cant see its associated data although it is saved correctly in the database. I tried a lot of things, e.g. refresh the entity & all objects by microflow before accessing the page but It does not work. Still the same behaviour. Is there a java action or something to do a browser refresh (F5), which I could use as a workaround to fix this bug? Bc I was not able to find its cause… Thanks!
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It sounds like in the second page you are not using the same instance of the dropdown objects you amended in the first page, are you sure you are passing the same list to the second page instead of retrieve it again? Using a MF as datasource could help you to debug and locate the issue