Cant pass arguments to the list

Hey there guys! So essentially I have a system which has specific care groups, and each care group has a coordinator. The coordinator should be able to see a list of patients, but only those who are assigned to his care group. I selected a Data Grid for the page, and added a data source from a microflow, in which I specific the patients which are meant to be retrieved in the microflow through Xpath. In the end I generate a list, which is supposed to be displayed in the grid, but I receive a message saying Parameter {Patient} of the selected microflow does not match available arguments. No arguments available to {Grid}. I looked up on the docs, and it explained to change the parameter on the grid to “Patient” , where I can just add an Xpath constraint directly. But then the Data Grid is shown with a new and edit button, which shouldn’t be the case since the coordinator should not be able to create or edit Patients, just see a list.  This is the image of the Data Grid and the Error message.  This is the Microflow that calls the List, and the Xpath used is: [MyFirstModule.assigned_to/MyFirstModule.Care_Group/MyFirstModule.is_managing/MyFirstModule.Coordinator/MyFirstModule.Coordinator_Account='[%CurrentUser%]'] Could someone explain how to I pass the list of the microflow into the grid? Thank you very much!
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You set Patient as parameter but the page does not have a single patient as object. Remove the parameter and your problem should be solved. But why use a microflow as datasource? You could use just the grid and use an Xpath and use the current user for the XPath. I suggest you follow some learning paths like this one: or this one