Changing an attribute in multiple object selected

Hi All, I’m short to achieve my aplication requirment of changing an enumeration attribute in multiple objects selected. I explain what I have done by far: DataGrid with all the objects of the entity with single multi selection mode → Action Button which leads to a Microflow (It has a List of the Objects I want to change as a Parameter) → Before Changing the Objects, I call another Microflow where (Retrieve the previous Enumeration Value → Show a Page in order to change it) → Retrieve the new Value of the enumeration → Do a Loop of the List Parameter, where I change the actual Value to the Value selected in the microflow (and commit the change). However, the Value changes to the previous ennumeration value, not to the selected in the microflow call. I don’t know what would be the wrong action. Any advice? Thanks, Javier.
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Hey Javier,

Screenshots of the microflow that performs the action would definitely help. There are two things that come to mind here:

1. I've seen weird things happen if you try and commit objects inside a loop. In this case, if you have the full list that you're iterating through and changing, you should be able to just commit that full list after the loop at the very end of the microflow and have the changes stick.

2. Do  you have any error handling set up? It sounds like you could be running into an error somewhere, and it could be rolling back your data. So if you have custom error handling with rollback where you aren't throwing an error, it will make it look like there wasn't a problem, but also like the action didn't do anything.

Hope this helps,



I share the two Microflow that were explained above. I don’t have any error while running. Actually I don’t know how to debug my microflow.

Thanks of all the advices that you gave to me!