Mendix 9.2.0 - Validation on text box not working

I have a textbox with validation set to required as show below. The text box is placed inside a list view Validation here is not working in Mendix 9.2.0 I have tried setting the save button to “save changes” and “call a microflow” both. In both cases, it does not validate the form. Validation works in a text box directly inside a data view. Here it is not working when the text box is inside a list view. **Exactly same thing worked in my previous app in Mendix 8.18.1
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Hey Umar,

That strikes me as odd… obviously! 9.0.2 is a beta release that is no longer even available to download. Perhaps try converting to a newer version of MX9? 

Was this app converted from 8.18.1? Or is it a new app that you’re attempting to implement similar validations?