Input attribute value from dropdown populated by microflow

Hello Everyone, I want to input value in an attribute of Search Entity, which should show the input field as a dropdown that is populated from values from another entities by microflow. As it is going to be used for Searching functionality only. I want that the search parameters can be selected by dropdown list instead of text field as the data in other entity is updated, deleted, added so I can’t use Enum. I can associate Search Entity with others but I would like to avoid that since there are already multiple associations and domain model will be cluttered, also it would be only used just for search functionality. Is there a way so it can be possible without associating the entities or any is there a widget for the same?   Thank You Prashant  
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Use a non persistent helper entity for the search functionality and use other non persistent objects to store the result of the search.







Can you please guide me how to bind a dropdown with an association? Its not showing in the source