How to use Working Days Module (Developed by Edo Ekkel) to run a scheduler only on weekdays.

Hi all, I have imported Working days module in my app. I have a scheduler which is running everyday at 9:00pm. But I want to make it run only on weekdays. I have imported this module for the same but I am not able to get how to use it. I am a beginner in mendix so can anyone help me out with the same. If you guys have any other suggestion for this scenario is most welcome. Please answer with exact steps or details how we can proceed. Thanks
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It looks like each day has a boolean that says whether or not the day is a working day:

With this, you should be able to check at the start of your scheduled event if today is a working day.

So, create a scheduled event, where you do this:

  1. Retrieve “Day” from the database where DateFrom = current date (only retrieve “first”)
  2. Make a split where you check if workingday is true or false
    1. If true, execute your scheduled event
    2. If false, go to an endpoint because it's not a working day