Date Picker on change event loading information in a new PopUp window, loading correct data but not showing the correct date.

Dear Mendix community,   I have the following situation: There are static room objects. These room objects have multiple reservations associated to them, one for everyday. The date time is used to to change from reservation object that is tied to the rooms.  Multiple users are associated to the reservation object.   Scenario: When changing the date in the date picker i want to load different reservation date for the selected date in the date picker and book users  on the reservations tied to a room. I can book reservations on a certain date, if i go to a date that has no reservations . Lets say i book on 05-07-2021,  switch to 10-07-2021, go back to 05-07-2021. The data shows the user reservation for 05-07-2021 but the Popup window datepicker still shows 10-07-2021. I have to change the date twice for it in order to work.   I have no idea why the popup page date picker doesnt show the correct date immediately?  To recreate this. Create  a user, name doesnt matter (username gets stored in system.user username to be able to call all time) Create a room named Finance Click on the user Click on Finance Room Press on “Save” to make a reservation. Open the Finance room once again. Change the date to another date Change the date back to the date you created a reservation on Date picker will be stuck on the last day and show the information of the date you picked that has a reservation. I have created a small module where i have recreated this.  Does anyone know where it goes wrong? Tried in mendix 9.2 and 8.18.6 Created this module in 8.18.6 Link to the module mpk. Please import in version 8.18.6
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Fixed the issue by making a selectionview and using this as a search object in memory to retrieve the database objects.