Automatic scheduled events in the application is not working

we are using the mendix modeler version 4.7.1 and in the last couple of months the automatic scheduled events are stopped working and we also tried the new automatic events and still the scheduled events in the microflow didn’t pick the data during the scheduled events so please help us to find the reason for this issue
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Couple of ideas:

  1. Scheduled events need to be enabled, localy and in the cloud
  2. Reset the starttime of the scheduled event to somewhere in the near past, so yesterday e.g.
  3. Add a button in the app running the same microflow as the scheduled event and see if that will work
  4. The microflow might be stuck in an infinite logical loop and never finishes

Hope this helps in finding an answer and I agree with Eline to move to a supported version of the platform would be a good idea in any case.