Commit objects data

I have two entitities through an association 1.1 and I need to save the entered values of both. First, I need to save the first one, the one that have the key and then I need to save the other one. I have done a microflow  when the user enter the data it does a commit of the actual object and open the page of the next object. When the user saves the data of the second object the microflow does a commit of this object but this commit doesn’t work and the commit of the fist object does.
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When creating the objects do this from a microflow and make sure to set the association between the 2, then open a page displaying a dataview of object 1 and nested in this data view a dataview with object 2 via association.

Do make sure that in the nested dataview the association is not shown in a field on the page as this will be cleared when the objects aren’t committed yet (at least this was the case in versions 7&8).

Then the user enters the data for both objects in the various fields and presses the save button on the other dataview and this should commit both entity 1 and 2 and keep the association in place.

Hope this is clear and solves your challenge.