Lookup Function

I have a reference selector that allows the user to select an address from a entity. What I would like to happen is when the make the selection, the address copies to a new entity. I can get this to work, however it looks like my microflow that is used on the address reference selector only runs after validation is done. So in my case, if I don’t have a valid email address, phone number and zip code, the microflow never runs.  What I would like to happen, is look up the address data, populate the fields, then do the validate. Is that possible? or is there a better way to do lookup (and copy) data?  
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WHy do you need to copy the data in the first place? Could you not solve it by creating and setting an extra reference? Then you only have to change the logic when somebody can not find the address in that entity. But that can easily be solved with a new button.
And validation should always be done when you do a commit. So do not use a regular save button but use a microflow to validate and then do the commit and close of the page.