update the status when there is a data change

Hello everyone, I have one entity called employee data and there is another entity called mapping. I have taken the ‘employee data’ entity as a parameter and generated overview pages and in the edit page..i have taken dataview with ‘employee data’ as a parameter and added some attributes of ‘mapping’ entity here as i have given association (1-*) between those entities. So the data and everything is correct, but my issue is that there is an attribute called ‘supply’ which is an enumeration (with fields ‘yes/no’) in employee data entity...so whenever i am changing the ‘mapping’ entity attributes data in the dataview the ‘supply’ attribute should automatically update ‘yes’ (stating there is a change in data) in that dataview. How could i solve this?..please guide me. Thanks in advance, Apurupa
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You could call a microflow in the on-change event of all the input widgets of mapping and set the value of the mapping attribute to Yes in that microflow.