Excel Importer not parsing Decimals

Hi everyone, I’m working with the Excel Importer Module and have come across a strange issue that I can’t seem to sort out. I am importing a value from an excel sheet that is of type Number, into a Decimal attribute that I would like to parse before storing. The microflow I am currently using to test this simply takes in the value as a parameter, outputs the value to the console, and returns it. Setting up the import configuration was smooth and the attribute is updating to match the imported value, but it is bypassing my parser microflow. If I update the value in my excel sheet to Text, update my entries attribute to a String, and update my parser microflow to allow a String parameter, then the value goes through my parser microflow as expected. I’ve been scratching my head on this one for a bit now and can’t seem to find a solution, I’m also not seeing any errors being thrown to help pinpoint what’s going on. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Colin, I'm facing the same sort of problem.

I would like to map an Excel column to an integer attribute and use a parser MF to limit the allowed values. E.g. if the value is >5 then make it 5 etc.

When mapping a column to an attribute of type Enum, DateTime, String or Boolean my parser MicroFlow is triggered. When the attribute is of type Integer or Decimal, the parser MicroFlow is not triggered for some reason.

I have not been able to debug the issue in Java, because most of the mapping/parsing is done by the classes in replication.jar file, where no source code seems to be available from.

I would suggest reporting this issue to Mendix as I have no idea why a parser MF is not triggered when mapping to an Integer or Decimal attribute.