Use Microflow as a data source in grid

Hi, I need to use microflow in grid as a data source but it enables server side searching and sorting and I don’t want  it. Is there any alternative way to use microflow as a data source for grid and also use default searching and sorting? If anyone has any idea please let me know.  
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When you add a microflow as a data source to a datagrid, it gives a pop-window to enable server side searching & paging. If you select that as No, you should be all set.



Hey Swaranjali, 

How complex is this retrieve microflow? If you could try to opt for an Xpath retrieve with parameters that should fix it.
Else you might be looking into building a custom pagination and/or sorting options using content from the app store to get the result you want. 

Also think of your domain model with the complexity of the microflow retrieve, perhaps it could be optimized?

The biggest alternative to above options could also be to make a seperate ‘view’ entity with logic from the microflow retrieve. This would mean that the data in that entity will be created based on that microflow, and you will use a default Database or Xpath retrieve on this ‘view’  entity to get the result you want (including sorting and search).