Retrieve data under particular field

Hello everyone, I have imported the data from the excel sheet. I have 4 fields called subset, BU Leader, Bu Department and Manager. Under one BU leader there are many subsets and under one subset there are many BU Departments and one BU department is also associated with multiple subsets and one subset is associated with multiple managers and one manager is also associated with multiple subsets. I have designed the domain model based on this. But my problem is how can i retrieve data for the department under only for that subset and the manager under the combination of that particular department and subset. I am getting issues as one manager is also associated with multiple departments and one department is also associated with multiple managers. Could anyone please help me on would be a great help. Thanks in advance, Apurupa  
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                                    *-*  Department
Leader  1-*  SubSet 
                                    *-*  Manager

It would help if you add a screenshot of your domainmodel.

Your problem is formulated very unclear. If you want information on your department based on a given subset and a given manager: not possible because there is no relation between manager and department.