How to copy image from one image object to another in mciroflow?

Hi Team, I have to copy the image from one image object to another image object using microflow. I tried in normal way like how we did it for regular objects but it is now working for me. Do we have any other solution except use of community common module?
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CommunityCommons has a Java action that can copy images, called DuplicateImageDocument.

You retrieve the object (A) containing the image you want to copy and create a new (empty) image object (b) as well. Then feed both to this Java action, A is the ‘file to clone’ and B is the ‘Clone target’


I had an issue with this once. I kept gettin some kind of vague “null” error. I realized I had to put an actual value in the thumbnail width/height attributes instead of leaving them blank and it fixed the issue for me