How to retrieve the data for each month

Hi everyone, We have the employee data which was imported from the excel sheet to application. Every month one schedule time period will be given to the managers by HR and then only they can make changes to the employee data, after the time period got expired manager should not be able to do changes to employee data. Here i need to figure out two functionalities;  How to retrieve the employee data for the each month time period How to assign that time period to all managers as then only they can make the changes to employee data   Thanks in advance, Apurupa
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Hi Apurupa,

As  Wieger has also recommended in the comments above that  you should chose a staging area (entities), where the data would be first imported and updated before taking it to the final entities. The staging area should store system attribute createdDate You could  build the following functionalities:

1) You should create an entity EmployeeUpdateWindow  with 3 attributes Month& Year, StartDate, EndDate

2) Adminstrator only should have write access to this entity and the managers should have read access.

3) Manager could be sent an email notfication every month, the moment this date is decided and updated in the system. This could be based on PostCommit event on this entity

4) The Page that the manager would use to access this table should have a dataview which should be populated by a workflow, which will fetch the data from the staging table where the  month of the createdDate is current month and if the current date is between the StartDate and EndDate for the current month and year from EmployeeUpdateWindow.  if you want to show records, but not allow to update, you could do this check in the pre-commit event on this entity instead in the feeding workflow.

Hope this helps,