How to retrieve data for specific time period

Hello everyone, Here my issue is every month HR will import the employee data from the excel sheet and HR will set the time period to all the managers inorder to change the employee data details. After the time period is set by HR, then managers will receive a notification and then they would be able to do the changes for that time period. After that time period ends, manager should not be able to do changes to the employee data but should be able to see the complete data for that month (inlcuding changed records and non changed records) and the process repeats. So whenever HR wants to check the employee data for each time period there will be a drop down for each month and HR should be able to see the complete records (changed and non changed records) for that time period. How could we achieve this functionality, could you please suggest me. Thanks, Apurupa
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Basically what you can do, assuming that you know the basics of Mendix:

- In domain model, create an EmployeeOverview (or something) entity with at least a datetime attribute. You can use this attribute to set the end of the period to change the details

- In domain model, associate your Employee entity with the EmployeeOverview entity (one EmployeeOverview can have 0 or more Employees and an Employee is associated to one EmployeeOverview).

- On page, show the edit button only if the current datetime <= the datetime value

- In the microflow to save employee changes, you need also check if the current datetime <= the datetime value from EmployeeOverview, because visibility conditions are not secure.