Retrieve the count for each BU Leader

Hello everyone, In my domain model, i have 3 entities Employee Data, BU Leader, SupplyType and the associations are like below: EmployeeData *-1 BU Leader SupplyType 1-* Employeedata BU Leader *-* SupplyType In the excel sheet we have 3 columns Employee name, BU Leader and SupplyType. We are importing the complete data into the application through excel importer and the data is reflecting correctly with these associations. Here the supplytype is an enumeration (Aligned, not aligned). We need to calculate the count of aligned and not aligned employees for each BU Leader, Could anyone suggest me how can i do this. Thanks in advance, Apurupa
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Iterate over the BU leader. In the iteration retrieve the SupplyType with the right enum where over the reference to employeedata and then the BU leader is the current leader. You can then count this retrieve.