How is it possible that retrieving an object for a filled associationID results in EMPTY?

As you can see here in the added image i try to retrieve the previous answer for this question (the one that pointed to this question) In the Question Object you can see that the association to this object has an ID (so there should be an association right?). When i actually try to retrieve it by association then it results in EMPTY. how is this possible? is this a modeler bug or am i missing something?    Additional info: - Mx version 8.17.0 - When i delete the retrieve block and but it back and rerun the program. it works, but after a while it is empty again.  - When i retrieve the object in the parent microflow (the microflow that calls the one in the added image) the object is there.     
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I don’t see an image?

You need to make sure you main object is filled correctly. After doing a retrieve via association, you need to check the result.

In general it’s a good thing that the memory will be cleaned up. If an object is not referenced anymore, the object will be cleanup.


Hi Remi Poolen,

i got same issue today when i develop one APP, i believe it should be one bug of Mendix this version.

in my case, i have one data object , it holds the object Task’s association, in one workflow(Task has one association Task_TaskAssignment, and Task Assignment has association TaskAssignment_Assinee), i want to retrieve the task’s assignee, hence i directly passed in the Data_Task association, and in the microflow, the wired case happen: from debug mode, i can see the Task_TaskAssignment association had created with id, but when i try to retrieve the TaskAssignment by association, the result is empty..

what i did to bypass the issue: initially i passed Task parameter by association(i.e Data_Task), now i first retrieve the Task by association Data_Task(use retrieve activity), then use the variable to pass in the microflow, now retrieve works in microflow...