How to pass input from one page to another page ?

Hello Team, We have a doing small POC on incident management. In my main page I have 3 button High, Medium and Low. On the click on this button, I need to call show a page with passing the Category field as input. So the overview shows the only that Category data.  I do not know how to pass the category input to the Child page. Please guide. Example : If I click on High, then in the overview only High category incident are being displayed. 
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If you have an event (e.g. onchange), the context object can be passed to the page (show a page). If the category is an attribute of your passed object, you can use this in your page.

Basically, as below:

Domain model:

Example of listview: a list of objects of the entity Category:

E.g. action button. See the Events section. Category will be passed to the page:

Example page  which expects the Category object as page parameter. This is a dataview with entity Category: