How to transform microflows into Java codes

According to Doc:SDK Use Cases 4 Exporting Your Apps(, I can transform microflows into Java codes, but I did not find how to do that. Please tell me the way.
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It is much more of a theoretical possibility than that there is existing tooling.

Conceptually, a microflow is a method with input, output, and logic. You can retrieve all microflows through the SDK. Then, you iterate over each microflow. For each microflow you create a Java method with a name equal to the qualified name (module.microflowname). If it has output, you set a return type of the Java method. For each input parameter of the microflow, you create an input parameter of the Java code. Then, for each activity, you define how that needs to be translated in Java.

In essence, what you are doing is writing a TypeScript application that takes the Mendix model and converts it into a Java application. This requires intimate knowledge of Mendix, Java and TypeScript.