Controlling Multilingual Messages

I wanted to define message wording and IDs in Enumeration, and make it multilingual, depending on the language of the user. On the screen, I can get the language of the logged-in user, so I can GetCaption without any problem. However, in batch and REST services, there is no logged-in user, so it looks like you can only getCaption in the default language. I don't want to design it so that I have to create similar messages for each Enumeration for each similar language. Is there any way you have had a similar problem and solved it? Thanks a lot in advance! Edit: Maybe I didn't explain it well enough, but the screen is not used. For example, when a warning occurs in a batch, etc., the message is defined in Enumeration. However, when I use getCaption to output it to a log file, etc., it means that it can only be output in the default language.
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there is a simple way but I don’t know if that meets your requirement:

is to appear the message with the both languages you have at a popup page with tow  sections  one for each lang .

also another one if you can pass parameter from the API with the language code and then you can handle the languages message .

Hope that will be helpful.