The data should be saved and total needs to be captured and display for each row at last column

The data entered in the data view must be saved for each row and the sum of all the columns on the row should be displayed at the last column of each row.
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Hi Ravali, 

One more solution for this requirement. 

You can use before commit event (Event Handlers) for the entity which you have used in dataview. 

When user saves the form, before commit event microflow will be triggered which calculates the sum of all the necessary attributes and set the value to the attribute ( which will be displayed as a last column) which holds the total value.



What i read from your message is that you want:

  • Multiple rows with fields
  • at the end of the row is a sum of the fields within that row


The simple route to go is using an On change or On leave action on the fields that are fillable

  • trigger the On change of On leave on the fields
  • calculate the sum of that row
  • store the sum value in an attribute
  • display that attribute at the end of the row


hope this helps :)