Fetching the caption of button inside the Microflow

Hi All, I have a requirement of running various similar decisions based on the button I click. Currently we are using 5 buttons and 5 microflows (1 microflow for each of the button) to get desired output.  Is there a way where we can fetch the button caption inside the microflow so that, I can then incorporate all the 5 decisions in single microflow using if conditions on the caption name. Thanks.
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I would recommend you place the main functionality into a sub-microflow and call that microflow in the 5 different microflows.


This way you have 1 flow with functionality, which is better for your maintainability and you don’t have to make difficult adjustments to pass the caption.


Hi Sri,

An idea might be associating your Main entity ‘A’ with a new one ‘B’  .

‘B’ to have an attribute ‘Caption’ or any attribute you might need to differentiate the buttons.

 Put each button inside a Dataview by Microflow from entity ‘B’ fill the attribute ‘Caption’ or another one based on the button.

Those Dataviews are inside the parent Dataview ‘A’. Now your ‘Save, cancel, etc.. Microflows can have two inputs ‘A’ and ‘B’, use the attribute from ‘B’ object in the decision. Also you can use the ‘Caption attribute for the button labels.






What Geoffrey says. And support https://forum.mendix.com/link/ideas/1170  and https://forum.mendix.com/link/ideas/1243  to get this implemented in the platform.