Workflow: How to reopen a User Task?

I'm creating my first Workflow. My question is “How to reopen a User Task?” Context - In a Workflow a user has to choose some items. - Then a system flow runs to check if those items are actually available.   – When it's not, the user has to make a new choice. I jump back to the User Task so the user can make a new selection. He should be able to try again and again until he succeeds. When I jump to the User task the task is not recreated however, it is being skipped because it is already Completed. What is the best way to reopen the User Task before jumping back to it?
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Look at the Jump activity in your workflow. When a user completes the task, create a microflow which evaluates whether the user task is properly completed. If no, then jump back to the creation of the user task. You can look at the diagram and rational in the following post of mine.