Desicion in Scheduled Event MF

Hi everyone, I have scheduled event and interval with 1 hour. In this SCe, I am calling a MF for sending reminder email to users. So I am looping over the uncompleted requests. I have I decision; if the desicion result is true , I am calling reminder send email. In the desicion I have : addDays($IteratorRequest/….WorkflowInstance/DueDate,1) = [%CurrentDateTime%]  and $IteratorRequest/FirstReminder=false and $IteratorRequest/StartEmail=true   My goal is triggering MF 1 day after due date. But I think it is not triggerrng. Do you think it is a correct way?
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You should probably change this statement “addDays($IteratorRequest/….WorkflowInstance/DueDate,1) = [%CurrentDateTime%] “


“addDays($IteratorRequest/….WorkflowInstance/DueDate,1) < [%CurrentDateTime%] “

So if the duedate is in the past, send the reminder. Now you are saying that duedate must be equel to current date time, which it most probably isn't.