Divison via microflow throwing error in entering input value, still calculating value later

I have 3 fields part of same entity say A. All 3 are decimals , Att1,Att2 and Att3. Att3 = Att1/Att2 So in the form on change of both Att1 and Att2, i call a microflow which sets value of Att3 in change object. Member : Att3 Value =  $Domain/Att1 : $Domain/Att2 When i run application, if i input one  value in either Att1 or Att2, it throws error to contact system admin(i believe it is divide by zero error). When i fill the second input value, it perfectly calculates Att3. How can i get rid of the error?
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If you are dividing you should always check your second value to make sure it’s not 0. So in your microflow before you divide, just check $Domain/Att2 is not 0 or empty. If it is, then don’t proceed, and show a warning (or handle the error in whatever way you feel is appropriate for your application).

Hope this helps.