How to change listView dynamically based on change in dropdown value?

I have a dropdown from entity one inside a data view and outside that DataView I have a ListView of entity two. Both the entity: Entity one and Entity two have a common attribute “ID”. Now when the dropdown option changes its value then that ListView need to update without reloading of that page. So basically I want to change the ListView dynamically when I change the value from dropdown.
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If I read your question correctly, what I would suggest is to use a helper entity

  • Make a non-persistent entity which is linked to the entity of the dataview (I) and the entities for the listview (II)
  • In your page start with a dataview for the NP entity
    • within that dataview you will have the dataview (I) for your leading object and the listview (II) for your resulting list
  • On change of the dataview, call a microflow that retrieves the list you want to show (based on the dropdown value) and place the association to the NP entity
  • Refresh the NP and the list will show


Hope this will help