Excel Importer parsing microflow for decimal is not triggered / error reading decimal as null

Hi, I'm having troubles with reading a decimal cell value from an Excel file. When you open the Excel file the cell is empty which is correct. However the ExcelImporter sees it as 'null’.  This is the message I get. Error while importing 86 - test supplier actuals 4 ms, because: XLS_DATA-2ndPass: an exception occurred near row: 2, the exception is: Could not parse value 'null' to Decimal in column #7 I do not want to use a workaround with another in between attribute, so I decided to check the value with a parser microflow, but somehow that microflow is not triggered. Anyone ideas?    
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Long-Term Solution: Report it as a bug to Mendix

Quick Solution:

In javasource\excelimporter\reader\readers\replication\ExcelValueParser.java

Replace Line 95 by

return BigDecimal.ZERO;

That’ll probably do the trick.