Execute a task from a queue after x seconds

Is there any way to execute a task from a queue after x seconds. I need this for a retry-mechanism: a job is started asynch in the background and if it fails, a retry needs to be done an hour later. There is already a good idea posted for this: https://community.mendix.com/link/ideas/2439
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I know the ProcessQueue module automatically retried failed jobs. Make sure the Microflow that performs the queued action ends in Error or boolean False to activate the retry mechanism.

TaskQueue (mx9) can not do this (yet):

  • Queued actions that have failed can’t be rescheduled out-of-the-box currently. You can set up a scheduled microflow to re-attempt failed tasks. They can be queried from System.ProcessedQueueTask table.




I don’t know if a wait function is available in your case.

What you can eventually do is to take the time of the fail. Then with a schedule event (with an interval of 1 minute), you will first check if a fail occurred, if it does you will compare the time of the fail to the current time, if it’s the same minute, you are doing your process again.