Use selected items from template grid in microflow

Hi all! In our app I retrieve a list of Fly objects depending on the selected Fly Type. Now I want to select multiple Flies and send that selection to an API. A more detailed description follows below: Select a Fly Type from the data grid. Template grid is placed in a data view that listens to data grid. Template grid receives a list of Flies based on the selected Fly Type using a microflow. Select Flies from the template grid and send a list of Fly objects to an API   Currently I use a button ‘Select items’ that is placed in a data view that listens to the template grid. Unfortunately, using a microflow with this button results in a single Fly object as parameter, even if multiple objects are selected. I tried to fix this using a reference set selector with generated select pages, but I don’t my end users having to select the Flies from a separate (pop-up) page. I aim to stay as close to the original design as possible. Does anyone have some pointers on how to solve this?
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Can you set the TemplateGrid to Multi-Selection or Simple Multi-Selection and put the button that sends the selected list of flies to the API in the control bar of the template grid?  The microflow behind that button would need to have a parameter with a List of Fly objects.

BTW, my fly pictures would look more like this: