2x same entity with different values

I have a page for filling in accounting data and it looks like the following: A part of my domainmodel is: About the red circular: the left 2 dropboxes are 2 variables from the entity “Grootboekrekeningen” the right 2 numeric textboxes are 2 variables from the entity “Journaalregel”   I want on the same page a new row added with the same boxes as in the red circular but with empty values. If I add another dataview below it, it will fill it with the same data as the current red area, which I don't want.   How can I solve this the most easy way?
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You can add the journaalregels not as a dataview, but rather as a listview inside the dataview of the journaalpost.

Then you can add a button to create new journaalregels that will have the 2 fields from the journala regel entity and the option to select the value from the grootboekrekening entity.