Suppressing Sub-Microflow Messages

Hello Makers, Does anyone know if it’s possible to suppress messages when calling a sub microflow? For example, I have a microflow that when triggered updates an object with the latest PO data from SAP. When the user activates this microflow, upon completion they receive a popup message that the PO has been updated. Or if they missed any required information to retrieve the PO data, a popup that states what was missing. To save the user time I want to create a loop that lets them update all objects at once, while still retaining the ability to update them individually. The warning messages are irrelevant because I would only retrieve what I know is “complete”, but after each object is updated, a message would popup saying “The PO has been updated” thus pausing the microflow until the user intervenes. Traditionally I’ve gotten around this by copying the microflow in question, removing the messages, and using this in my loop. However, this goes against reusability best practices since now if I need to make an update to the microflow I must remember to update both the message version, and the unmassaged version. I’m wondering if there is some Java action that could be used in place of the standard “Microflow Call” action that would ignore these messages and continue the microflow so I do not need to maintain it twice.
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My approach to this would be to have a submicroflow with the core update functionality.  This microflow could return a boolean or string to control the display of a popup.  Then I would use this in 2 microflows:

  • one that updates a single microflow from a page, examines the return value of the submicroflow and determines what message to display to the user upon completion
  • one that does the batch update.  This one could retrieve all of the complete records for processing and then process them in a loop

This enables me to have the update functionality in a single microflow, no need to remember to update more than one microflow when changes are needed.

Hope that helps,