User authentication by email.

Hello again, Is it possible to authenticate the current user by a session id or token given in an email? Here is the situation. I need to approve an object through an URL (works basically) . Only 2 roles can do that. I sent a deeplink through an email with the object id and status parameter to approve the object or not. Now, is it possible to recognize the user when clicked on the link or is there a default workaround for? So I have to check if the user is authenticated … Can someone give me a tip or a workaround please? Thanks in advance & kind regards.  
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When the someone clicks on the deeplink, if she is logged in, she will not have to authenticate again and Mendix will know her userroles.  If she is not logged in, deeplink will prompt her to login with her Mendix credentials before executing the microflow.

Does that help?