Json Import Mapping does not work

I currently have a JSON Import Mapping that does not work, even though I try to stick to all Steps from the Tutorials, for example this one: https://video.mendix.com/watch/RMw45uwCAjYi2ej7ykAseu I have a List View that has a Microflow as a Source. This microflow consumes a REST Service to get a JSON-File. This JSON File is the exact one I used for my JSON Structure and Import Mapping. Here is my Import Mapping: Now in my Microflow, I use the activity “Call REST (GET)” and use this Mapping in the Response to retrieve a List of Locations. But this List always turns up empty. I am almost certain it fails at the mapping, because when I choose the option “Store in a String” instead of “Apply Import Mapping”, the String is exactly the the String of the file I want. But when I then use this String as parameter for the activity “Import from JSON”, the List turns out empty again. Can anyone help me out on what I seem to miss here? EDIT: I wondered whether the issue could be that my entities are NPEs, but even if I make them persistent, the issue does not resolve.
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Issue was solved by the poster, see the copied comment below. Added this here to make sure the issue is marked as answered.

Thanks for asking, I just found the mistake though. The problem was that the JSON, that the REST Service offered, looked slightly different than the JSON, that was fed to it (It's my own API). So in my JSON Structure I had the structure of the "original" JSON, while the REST Service slightly changed the structure of the outside brackets.