How to set multiple objects to a association in parent object

Hi All, Entity A is the parent of entity B with 1 to many association from A to B. I have created 10 objects entity of B and created an object for entity A in a microflow.   How to set 10 objects of B to Object A through the association .   Thanks in Advance!! Surya
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Easiest: in the domain model, right-click entityB → Generate overview pages, also select entity A. This will do the work for you and you will see how on entityB_NewEdit a reference-selector-widget is added allowing you to select an entityA for that particular entityB.

If you also want to be able to add several entityB’s when you are editing entityA: open entityA_NewEdit, add a datagrid, rightclick that datagrid and ‘Select entity’, drill down from entityA to entityB-entityA to entityB and select that one. Here just click ok: