Is it possible to create the Search Page?

I want to create the address search page like below, but I’m not sure how to do it. Step① When user clicks the address search button on the Edit Employee page, the Address Search page that contains the Data View of AddressMaster Entity should be shown. Step② When user clicks the Select button on the Address Search page, page should go bake to the Edit Employee page and textboxes should be filled with the selected items. I know how to do Step①, but I have no idea how to do Step②. If someone knows about this, some advise would be so helpful :)   I created a microflow like below, but it does not work.     ↓Page Structure of the Address Select Page
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Hi Yuma, 

You can call a microflow in Select button where it will set the values of address from selected address to employee object


when you select you need to create an association between Employee entity and Address entity. and can commit when user complete the form.