How to write a expression in the activity to Check a date belong to Startdate and Enddate ?

I am retrieving value from a table on the basis of date that belong to Startdate and Enddate(Date Range).like divide whole year in 3 part. Each part has some Fixed value and if I put random date it should retrieve value from that Date range. 
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Assuming that you have the date in a variable. You could use something like

$MyDateVar >= $Table/StartDate and $MyDateVar <= $Table/EndDate

If you’ve already tried something of this sort elaborating your question would help.


EDIT – Andreas you beat me to it :)


You could already do that in the retrieve by adding an xpath constraint. Something like:

[StartDate >= $StartOfDateRange and EndDate < $EndOfDateRange]

This example assumes that the variables $StartOfDateRange and $EndOfDateRange are initialized with start and end.