Update list based on selected value from other list

I have two lists on a page, one for ‘My Projects’ and one for ‘My Project Tasks’. In my database, a Project can have 0 to many Project Tasks. I would like to update the second list, based on what project was selected in the first one. I have created a microflow with a parameter object Project, that returns a list of Tasks belonging to that project. I just don't know where to put it. The Task list is in a data view that currently ‘ listens’ to the project list, and it triggers the microflow, but it doesn't update the list. So my question is: How can I update a list based on a selected item in another list? PS: Working in Mendix Studio Web
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What is the data source for the Task list? It should work out of the box even without any microflows as long as the “listens to” data view and list source are configured properly.