Self Reference in microflow

Dear colleagues,   i have a very specific problem in a microflow. I want to build a tree structure (parent-child association) with object of entity component: In this case components already have a self reference in the data model and are associated to an order item. Everytime i create a new object component i have to go through the list of already existing components and look for the last object which has a lower structure number.  For example: i create a component with structure number 4, therefore i need to look for the last object with structure number 3 in the list and set the assoication. My first idea was to add an autonumber attribute so i can identify each object... I would really be happy about an easy solution!   Max   
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Hi Max,

Not sure if this solves your issue, but you can retrieve the first item from the database and sort by the Structure descending, you will then receive a single Component object with the highest numbered Structure attribute:


I wouldn't make an autonumber because this is a number you can't control, an autonumber is automatically generated and you can also get gaps in your sequence .

What I would do is use an integer and put in the number you need.

You can easily retrieve the last object (the one with the highest number). You create a retrieve from database and in it retrieve the "First" object. If you then sort that retrieve descending on the attribute "Structure" then you have the object with the highest number.