Adding Multiple items in an ORder.

Hey I'm looking for someone who could give me some tips and headers for a simple Sales app im working on.    I've got no clue at the moment. I got an order page, product page and a customer page. What i want to achieve is that a customer can add items (That have already been added) to a certain “list” and by clicking Confirm will be placed in an order. Right now i have a new_order_Newedit vertical form with a reference selector, but olny limits me to 1 product per order.
2 answers

On the order page add a listview with all products from the database directly.

In the listview add a button that will trigger a MF to create an orderline, associate the orderline with the order and the product from the list view. Also add a listview with order lines on the order so that the new orderlines will be shown on the order.


Like this for Example?

As you can see i changed the products page into a listview with a button

But I have trouble Envisioning how i would Enter this information to an order, and how to microflow would look like.