Passing a Button as Parameter to Microflow

Hi all, New Mendixer here! I am curious if Mendix has a way of allowing you to pass a page element identifier (or caption/name) as parameter to a microflow? MY CASE: I have a page with two buttons.  Button 1: executes an actual ‘Create’ function microflow. Button 2: allows the user to skip a step, after which a message is displayed, the page is closed and a new one is opened.   Is there any way to incorporate this in a single flow? I want my microflow to register which button was clicked so that it goes into the correct SUB-flow for each button.  Thanks in advance! Cheers!
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I’m not aware of such a feature.
An alternative is separate microflows for each button.
They will call the same sub microflow which has an additional input parameter in which you can set the value to identify the button.
In the button microflows you can set the parameter value when calling the sub microflow. The main microflow can handle the core logic.
You could even put the skipping part in skip button microflow.


This is a popular idea on the forum – be sure to give it your vote if you'd like to see something like this in Mendix too: