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Dear MX Expert, I’m trying to validate a value from excel. To validate I applied microflow in “parse with” option. However, microflow isn't invoked at all.   Do you have any idea how to setup? Best regards, Charlie
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The parse with option isn’t suitable for validating, as a validation will return true or false if validation passes or not. While parsing is converting an input to a specific out put. i.e. a string into a integer

My general approach on importing excel, when it is a standard/often used feature in the app, is to do a shadow import.

  1. Create an import entity, matching the excel columns and types
  2. Import the data from excel to this import entity.
  3. Create a microflow which validates data, converts data and maps it to the destination entity(s)


Using this approach, you have full control on how the data is mapped, validated, converted. When you try to do that inside the import mapping, it might work, it might cause conflicts or give unexpected results. While you don’t have full control.


Hi Eline,

If you don’t mind, I’d like to share sample project with you.

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Hi Rene,

Your advice is much flexible than “parse with”.

Let me adjust my flow.

Huge Thanks.