Datetime from string (parseDateTime tried)

Hi Team, I am trying to extract datetime from a string variable, but getting UTC time and while exporting it as a static data in excel using excel exporter like :     I am getting some numerical values for it, For 2021-12-01, its coming like 44531.22917 in export. Also, For example – String value is ‘2021-11-30’ When I am parsing it using parsedatetime – I am getting below result  :  UTC time: 2021-11-30 18:30:00.000 Session time: 2021-12-01 00:00:00.000 +0530 But instead of this format, I just want to have ‘yyyy-MM-dd’ in my parsed date. How can I achieve it ?   Thank you.  
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All dates in Mendix are stored as date time stamps, so there will always be a time component when you use parseDateTime.  If you want to parse the string without taking into account the time zone of the logged in user, you can use parseDateTimeUTC .

For the export problem, what are you using to export the datetime value?