Best Practice: Sub Microflow calling using retrieved object via Retrieve Action vs expression in input paramer

Hi Community, I was wondering if there are any technical differences between calling a SUB-Microflow with a before retrieved object or just entering the retrieval inside of the input parameter of the microflow. I know you probably should use a retrieve action since you can better avoid typos and you can change/commit the object in the Main microflow, but beside that I’m curious if there is anything else.   Thanks in advance for your help!    
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You mean:

  • retrieve ObjectX over association from ObjectB, then call microflow passing ObjectX,


  • calling the microflow passing ObjectB/ObjectX_ObjectB/ObjectX?

Nope, there is no technical difference. Typos are not possible in both scenarios. Retrievals will be similar. Errorhandling will be similar. Any difference ‘under the hood’ is merely theoretical.